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And have you seen those who wear eyepatches?  I think maybe those men shot themselves in the eye not being careful with their pistols.  [She smiles.]  I rarely save trinkets from the men I drown.  After a while they’re all the same.  Some have compasses, spyglasses, necklaces.  [Jane shrugs.]  Nothing I care much about.

[She grinned impishly.]  More for me.  You need to know what bits are the best.  Leave the rest for the gulls.  I take some to the sharks.  They’re so sweet.

[Jane lays back once more and stares above at the clouds rolling by.]  I can’t make any promises, but I’m sure something good will come along.  Until then, I’ll just keep sinking ships.  It’s tough work, but I’ll do it.  [There’s a lightness to her tone letting him know it was more pleasure than business.]

Never trust a man with an eye patch… [Loki narrowed his eyes, briefly recalling an unfortunate incident with a pirate in the past.]

[Glancing over he gave her a shrug] I like the jewelry, actually. Some of it is really nice looking. I mean look at this one. [He lifts his tail to show the end where it starts to fan out into the long fin. He had a gold necklace with a large green gem on it wrapped around him.] They can get pretty extravagant you know.

[Loki paused for a moment in thought] They’re not all awful you know. Granted I haven’t stopped to converse with many. 


……… [tentatively waves back, glances at the other’s waist bobbing in the water] Are you not cold?

[looks down at himself for a moment] …. No? Am I supposed to be?


Straight as an arrow, Fitz couldn”t have been happier with the double barreled weapon he had crafted. A little more temperamental than a  single shot pistol, sure, but… If he could find some way of perfecting this kind? Keeping all those little…accidental…explosions and double shots being fired at once away?  It’d be one hell of an advancement. 

Gull still in his sight, a voice calling from below scared the bird off into the air, squawking as it furiously beat it’s wings. Fitz grumbled, peering over the side to catch out the sorry bugger that had shouted up from one of the lower decks. Having been perched on a barrel, Fitz regrettably followed the bird’s suit. A squawk of his own left his lips, the gunner fell onto the deck in shock. “What the—” 

He hadn’t been drinking. Not a drop had passed his lips, not today, at least. Peering over the side again, eyes wide, empty pistol trained on the creature below, Fitz stared, shocked. “What the bloody hell are y’doing down there? Who are you? Do you know what bloody ship this is?” Leo Fitz might not have been all that terrifying, but the reputation of the Howling Commando surely was. 

"You should have shot it when you had the chance…" Loki looked briefly unimpressed until the gun was then pointed at him. Lifting his arms in a defensive manner his eyebrows raised, not okay with having a gun pointed at him. "Hey whoa, don’t shoot me…"

"Hi, my name is Loki and I’m just swimming… And no, I don’t know what ship this is, because I’m gonna be completely honest with you. They all look pretty much the same from under neath.” He gave a smile and a shrug, not thinking it was that big of a deal. 



trickeryiskey liked your post “[groans while rocking in a hammock, clutching onto a bucket]”

[stares out a scuttle and rubs his eyes] I’ve been at sea for too long - I’m beginning to see things.

[waves from the water]


If I let them destroy themselves, they make such a mess.  Besides, where’s the fun in that?  A girl’s gotta eat, you know.  Lead-addled bodies are not a good meal.  [She sighs and flicks her tail lazily from side to side.]

Oh, no, Loki.  [She turned onto her stomach to get a better look.]  That is awful.  They actually put those on their heads?  [She laughs.]  How terrible!  [As she giggles, Jane’s gills curl slightly.]

Well, with any luck, there will be a new wreck today.  Tricked a trading ship into charting a course for the rocky cape.  I think there was something valuable in its hull.  You’re welcome to look later.

[He snickered and pulled the hat from his head, turning it over in his hands once before tossing it away.] I know, they look silly.

You know, never saw the appeal of human. It’s so…. chewy. [His nose wrinkled and stuck his tongue out in disgust] But to each their own I suppose.

[He flicked hiss tail at the surface of the water, making a small splash] It better be something good. It’s been a while since I’ve found anything new.


With a click, the mechanism he held snapped into place. Had the pistol he still had been tampering with been loaded, the person sat on the opposite side of the deck might have had a little more to say to the gunner, but not now. Fitz was happy enough sitting out, soaking up the sun, fiddling with his latest piece. Downing tools, he held the pistol up, one eye closed so he could stare down the barrel, aiming it straight for a gull perched near the bow.

The ship gliding over the water and blocking out his sunlight was what had grabbed his attention. Looking up towards the surface at the ship in question he gave a small frown. While he usually didn’t mind the humans on the waters, sometimes they were just annoying…

He kicked his tail and swam upwards towards the surface to investigate what sort of ship it was even despite the nagging telling him not to. They say curiosity killed the cat, but if Loki were being completely honest, he didn’t know what a cat was. 

Peaking his head above the water, making sure to stay a safe enough distance away, and pushing his hair out of his face, he watched for a while. Didn’t seem overly active from his perspective. A man with a gun caught his attention and his eyes followed what he was aiming at. Those damn gulls… If he had a pearl for every time one of those cursed things had attacked him while he was relaxing…

"Just shoot it already!" He called out without realizing it until the words were already out. He clasped a hand over his mouth. Was that out loud? Oops.


Hah! [Jane laughs loudly and tumbles off the rock back into the water with a splash.]  Is it loaded?  You could have shot yourself, you know.  [She regains her composure and presses back up against the rock.  She lays on her stomach to catch sun, hanging her head back to see Loki upside-down.]

Could you imagine how much easier my job would be if I had one of those?  Then again, the men are constantly at war with one another, they’re nearly doing everything for me.  [She hums, drumming her fingers against her stomach lazily.]  But then, there would be no satisfaction in that.

[a pause] Have you been playing with that thing all morning?

I’m not stupid, I already tried the trigger when I found it. I think it sitting in the water for who knows how long kind of wrecked it. See? [He gave it a good shake and a little bit of sand came sliding out] I don’t know how old it is, but it’s been down there for a while. 

[He shakes his head and puts it down on the rocks] So why not let them destroy themselves? They seem to be a doing a good enough job of it. Do you know how many new wreckage’s I’ve found recently? Check this out… 

[Loki scoots himself to a lower rock and picks up a tri-horn hat, placing it on his head with a stupid grin] Yarrr~


[Sometimes, when Jane wasn’t hungry, but merely wanted to cause trouble, she would flit around underwater, shooting from one side of a boat to the other, drawing the attention of the sailors on board as she cut rapid circles around their vessel.  Once she had their attention she slowed, and swam deeper so she could barely be seen.  It was then that she drew the men far off their course as they pursued her until she disappeared entirely.  By then, she’d usually swum back behind the other side of the ship to return home.  These men were so gullible, and she loved it.]


[She swims happily away from one such venture, giggling to herself at managing to set an entire trading ship at least a few miles off its course.  Arriving back in familiar waters- though all waters were more or less familiar to her- she spots Loki.  He’s staring down the barrel of one of the guns she’d seen men holding, using, and sometimes cleaning.]

[Quietly she swims closer, popping up from the water in time to stare down the other end, the end the men held the weapon from when they were aiming to shoot, as Loki faced the bullets’ exit.]  Careful!  You’ll shoot your eye out.  [She snickers.]

[he was trying to look into the barrel to see if anything was inside and that was when a familiar face seemed to appear out of no where. She startled him, gaining a small yelp as he fumbled with the device trying not to let it fall back into the water] 

Don’t do that! [He took a deep breath and placed a hand over his chest] Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Because sometimes I think you are…