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[Realizing what Loki means, Thor nods] Oh. I see. [He didn’t need the mental images, but he and Jane had gone through their fair share of beds, so he cold relate.]

[As they enter the new home, Thor takes everything in with wider eyes] This is beautiful, brother. You have done well here.

[The little goat takes his focus and Tru immediately looks over at the animal, her eyes big, looking not so sure about the fluffy creature] Behold, daughter. Just like your stuffed toy.

I got tired of the lack of space in that little house. This, just feels a little more me. [Smiles]

She has a toy goat, and it’s not from me? [Loki laughs a bit. Mikkel had clearly grown since he had last seen Thor, his little horns and start of his beard weren’t there the last time.] Mikkel is a small breed, he wont get much bigger than this, maybe a little fatter yet. 

[Mikkel wiggles, trying to get closer to Tru letting out another little bleat. He just wants to say hi, in the best way he knows how. A headbutt.] Well, if she can make it through the air at high speeds without barely noticing, a small tap shouldn’t be too big of a deal.


[looks proud at the mention of her being so strong, but gently takes her back so that she can’t keep grabbing his hear]

A new bed? That must be nice. Lead the way, brother! [he bounces Tru in his arms a little, making her giggle]

Well, the other one, wasn’t exactly strong enough. Mortal furniture isn’t exactly made with people like us in mind.

It’s this way. Just a heads up, it’s not a small little house any more. I’ve, moved into a much bigger space. Significantly different. [He leads the way. Proving his point about the home being different by the fact that the building it’s in has it’s own doorman. He smiles as they’re let in and Loki leads them up into his home.]

[As if right on queue when the front door opens, you can hear the little clatter of hooves come running. Loki can’t help but smile as he scoops the goat up off the floor]

There’s my little brat~ [Mikkel gives a little bleat and bumps his head to Loki’s forehead]


[Thor listens carefully, his expression serious. Finally, his eye move down to look at Tru who was now making a grab for Loki’s hair] I will never let anyone take her from me. Never.

[He shakes off the sour mood and forces a smile] Come. Perhaps she would like to meet Mikkel.

Ow— [he reacts as Tru gives some of his hair a good yank] Yup, she’s stronger than she looks…

We can go back to my place if you want. Mikkel has probably torn up the box for my new bed already now that I think of it… I left it out.


It goes by fast. I am trying to stop and cherish it now whilst I can.

Where is Hela now a days?

She’s been in Hel ever since Odin decided to order her in charge… Rarely leaves unless it has something to do with her ‘work’. Most think she decided to go of her own choice, but the truth is, he forced her… Even against my protest… Now I never see her.

[Once he free’s his finger from the little hand, he runs his fingers along Tru’s cheek. Looks up at Thor] Chances are, because you’re you, you wont have anything to worry about. But, considering how disapproving he was of the idea of you being with a Mortal, I’d be careful. Don’t let what happened to me, happen to you.


I have a father’s instincts now. [He smiles at the sight of Tru in Loki’s arms] I could never hurt her.

[He laughs once at Loki’s words] She is already as stubborn as me and she has her mother’s clever mind. A deadly combination.

[gives Tru a little poke on the nose and she reaches up to grab at his finger] Well, she is definitely going to be strong, that’s for sure. [wiggles his finger in her little hand]

Hela was this tiny and innocent once. Kind of hard to believe when you think of it.


[He nearly rolls his eyes as he hooks Mjolnir to his belt and unstraps Tru] She is not as fragile as a mortal, Loki. She is my daughter, after all. Trust me, I would never do anything that could bring her to harm.

[He holds out Tru who gazes up at her uncle] She enjoys the thrill of the wind in her hair.

Yes, but she is still just an infant, Thor. [Reaches out to take her into his arms, smiling down at her] You know, she’s gonna be a trouble maker when she’s older, I can tell.


It is not silly. Look at me. Could you have believed just decades ago that I would have a family of my very own? You never without voicing thy thoughts.

Yes! Let us change the subject to one of a happier note. Wait here a moment.

He runs flies off and returns moments later with a bright eyed, giggling Tru strapped in a harness at his chest ]

I’ll get to it, when the time is right..

W-wait you’re just— [Thor has already disappeared] —gonna leave? Alright then…

[Raises an eyebrow as he returns fairly quickly.] What the— Thor, is that even safe? How fast were you flying with her?