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I’m thinking most, if not all, of these images have previously been featured in mmmagpie’s lovely sets, but I still rather wanted to make one of my own.


I wish I could trust you.

Trust my rage.

OOC brief activity notice~

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a road trip to Calgary for the CalgaryExpo. So 24th-28th I’ll be gone. I’ve been spotty the last little bit cuz I’ve been trying to finish fixing up some of the flaws in my costume, and what not so it doesn’t self destruct on me while wearing it. I might take my laptop with me, but even if I do, chances are my windows of time to actually use it, will be very small. I’ll be back Tuesday~


[leans on the counter, sipping her glass of wine]  My pleasure.  I am quite glad you had no trouble.  You seem to be refreshed, so for that I am glad as well.  [smiles]  Me?  Well, I do indulge in the traditional meat and potatoes, and bread and fruits and cheeses.  But I have grown quite fond of the pizza that is made here.

And what of yourself?

Not a bad choice. I actually eat a decent amount of chicken, but I too enjoy a good pizza. Oh—! [he sits forward a little] I actually found a great recipe about a week ago for an awesome home made pizza crust.

We should do it. [He sets his cup down and gets up] Even if you don’t have all the ingredients, I can run to the store and be back in no time. Besides, making food is so much more fun with other people.


[watches as he heads off towards the bathroom, just to make sure he finds his way before she begins to make the coffee for him.  she pours herself a glass of wine and waits while he gets out of the shower.  Valda, her cat, comes stalking in as Tate returns]  Nay, you did not miss anything.  Here, your coffee is finished.  [she slides him over the cup, smiling into her own glass as Tate puts on his shirt]

I trust everything was to your liking?

[he runs a hand through his wet hair to keep it from falling in his face] Ah thank you. [he smiles and pulls up a chair to take a seat]

Yeah, actually. The whole set up was very very similar to my old place, so it didn’t take too long to figure out the little kinks. [he takes a sip of the coffee] Mm. So, what does an Asgardian on Earth like to eat?


Wow, wish I could do that.  And if that explosion was you, that was pretty sweet.


It comes with being a God and having a very vast library, in which includes many, many spell books.

The explosion was and it wasn’t me at the same time. I essentially created what was used to do it, but the event was not me directly. I am just tired of fake crying innocence to the matter to keep people off of me, now I just don’t care anymore. People die all the time, why is a couple of them going at once suddenly so horrid?