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Anyone else miss Loki’s chin length hair? Now it’s either a crew cut or reaching past his shoulders. 

Tell him what you think, maybe he’ll change it. 



"Well, it would not hurt to show it more often." As he rises to his feet, Mikkel swiftly moves between the swordsman’s legs to pass him and curiously nudge at one of the boxes on the floor. For whatever reason, something within seems to intrigue him and the Asgardian can only hope it isn’t one of his favourite shirts that the goat wishes to obliterate. "I may see it as complacency on your part." He sighs dramatically before leaning in to finally give her a kiss.

"I did mention to you the idea moving in some time ago, granted the circumstances as to why were a little different. But I won’t complain. You are here aren’t you?” She offers him a little more of a smug grin this time as if it was all a master plan. She has to nudge Mikkel away from one box with her foot to stop him from trying to nibble at the corner. “Mikkel, stop chewing on all the cardboard.”

"Come, lets get some of this stuff put away safely before my little brat decides to dig through it first. His sorting skills aren’t the greatest." 


Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #4

I want to stress that! Baby murder will happen! At almost tedious length! So if anyone doesn’t want to slaughter tiny babies in their sleep—you can back out! No blame attached! In fact, I’ll pay you!

Anyone? Anyone at all?


I see you got yourself a babysitter.

I don’t think most share a bed with their babysitters.


One year in prison and he stills looks in better condition than from his exposure to the tesseract.



He smirks at the kiss with the expulsion of a breathy chuckle, a small shake of his head indicating that the issue hadn’t previously arisen. “Not as such. The main problem is convincing you to kose." The warrior gives her a sly wink - he’s joking of course as that really wasn’t an issue for the couple, but he does love teasing her. He was leaning in to kiss her but the rapidly nearing sound of hooves causes for him to halt, stepping back to allow for the goat to approach him as he meets it with a broad grin. "Looks like you are to have a new romkompis, Mikkel.” Crouching down to pet the creature, Fandral braces himself as Mikkel gave a customary welcoming headbutt to the warrior’s leg before hopping in small circles. “I think he’s more excited than you are,” he peers up towards Loki with a teasing simper.

Loki shakes her head with a smirk as she moves to pick up one of the boxes they had brought in. “The difference, is he doesn’t know how to mask his feelings. He just explodes with emotion. I am better at not letting it show so blatantly. Does not mean I am not excited.” She sticks her tongue out at him for a moment.



Fandral peers around the room to take in and admire some of the items dotted around - Loki always did have a knack for collecting the most exquisite of specimens and the swordsman wasn’t the sort of person to move things unless there was an important reason to do so, but he gives a nod to her request. “I shall seek your permission first, it is only fair.” At the mention of Mikkel, the warrior grins to himself as the familiar pitter patter of hooves resonates in the background - the goat hadn’t decided to grace them with his presence just yet as it was no doubt up to some sort of mischief of its own.

Taking a few steps towards her, the Asgardian curls a hand round to the small of her back as his thumb gingerly sways back and forth. “Alright, I shall stay with you. I only ask for one thing…” He gives her an incredibly sincere look which verges on devolving into laughter as he forces himself to grow stern. “No hogging the blanket.”

A smirk curled across Loki’s lips as Fandral made his one condition clear. “I doubt that will be a problem,” She reassured him and gave his chest a little pat, “As far as I am aware, unless you just haven’t told me, our past bed sharing didn’t involve blanket hogging did it?” She gave the blond a quick peck on the cheek.

It was around then that the little patters and clicks of the hooves started in their direction. Loki glanced over just in time to see a happy little hop from the goat as he came trotting over. “Hey you, took you long enough to notice. You’re getting slow.” Mikkel bleated in what sounded like protest and Loki couldn’t help but snicker in response.